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Our Story

 Mid-Town Mom's was started 2010. At the time it was only a blog called Riverbend Moms. On this blog, we would post local family friendly events and we would write articles about how to locate resources in the area.
   In 2012 everything changed when the founder Savanna Bishop made a Facebook group (Mid-Town Moms & Friends) where families can help each other by giving away items they no longer need or want. That group now has over 7000 members. After this group started she made a file called "Local Resources"; which was a complete list of places people can go to receive help with anything from food to rent.  After that, people started asking her to pick up items and find someone that needed it. She became basically a middleman.
   We became an organization in 2014. That currently helps homeless and low-income children with birthday gifts, school supplies and Christmas gifts. Our goal this year is to brighten the holidays of Alton/Granite City/St. Louis area teenagers with gifts of fun and practical items. We will provide holiday gifts to homeless and low-income teenagers who may not have any special attention at this festive time. 

Our Community Group 

"Mid-Town Moms & Friends" is a FREE group where members are giving (and getting) stuff for free in Madison County and surrounding areas thus keeping good stuff out of landfills. Its all about helping one another.